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Above the fold is a term used to describe the vertical area of a web page design that is automatically visible when viewing a web site page. This upper portion of the website page is visible without having to scroll down in browser window. In the most restrictive resolution settings, the above the fold area can be limited to less than 500 pixels. This collection of web site visitors have set their screen resolution to 800 X 600 pixels. They can account for roughly 15 percent of the browsing population; however that figure can vary dramatically from website to website.

Above the fold has been somewhat over emphasized in some web site design circles. It is important to have action items towards the top of your web page, but you must not try and squeeze all of your content above the fold. It has definitely been proven that all website audiences can and will scroll down a web site page if the content is of interest to them. Once again we return to a recurring theme that content is king. The more interesting the better.

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