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Web Site Hosting Services Defined

What is web site hosting?

A web site hosting server is a computer that stores the files your web site needs to operate. Each time someone visits your web site, these files are sent from the web site hosting server to the web site visitor's computer.

Web Site Hosting Disk Space

Images that comprise your layout, pictures of products or services, and web page text all utilize disk space on the web site hosting server. Disk space on the web site hosting server is limited according to your hosting plan.

Web Site Hosting Bandwidth Allocation

In addition to storing your web site files, the web site hosting server will send your web site files to visitors as they navigate through your web site. The sending of your web site files constitutes the bandwidth portion of your hosting plan. Ideally, the graphics that your site uses have been optimized to reduce file size while retaining image quality. Optimizing images will reduce the amount of bandwidth you use per visitor. Reducing file size will also appease the 30 percent of online users that still use dial up services to connect to the Internet.

Two things will work against your bandwidth allocation in your hosting plan; web site content and popularity. Your web site content includes the content on your web site pages and downloads that you may offer. Download items can include product manuals, white papers, or other forms visitors can download from your web site. Popularity is the number of visitors that go to your site and browse the content.

The reliability of your web site host is of the utmost importance. If the hosting server is unavailable then your web site is offline. It is important to choose a web hosting service that has a high bandwidth, redundant connection to the Internet. The quality of hardware and security of the web hosting server are also important to the availability of your web site. Physical security measures prevent unauthorized access to the server console housing your web site files. Network security protects your web site hosting server from internet based attacks targeting your web site or other web sites that share the same web site hosting server.

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