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Internet Advertising

There are a wide variety of advertising models available for your online businesses. The following segments will highlight the details of the most prevelant advertising options. Most advertising is done through search engine companies like Yahoo, Google, and MSN. Individual web sites can and will offer their own custom advertising opportunities. Often these opportunities are offered on a flat monthly fee basis depending upone size, position of ads, and user traffic at the advertising site. These individual web site advertising opportunities offer a great way to garner interested traffic and link popularity. Your best bet is to secure some sort of text based link in conjunction with graphical advertising.

Paid Directory Listing

Search engines like Yahoo offer directory listings. This is a permanent link within their directory under a categorized listing. Yahoo charges a subscription fee of $299 per year for this listing. Lesser known directories charge less due to significantly lower traffic stats. Directory listings should always be an integral part of any linking strategy, however you should be aware of the reputation of the directory you are paying to list your site. In other words you do not want be in every web directory under the sun. (The Open Directory Project) is a free directory that is managed by volunteer editors to ensure the validity and relevancy of submissions. In some cases your site will not be accepted. The Open Directory Project is a resource for most of the major commercial search engines. When looking for directory listings it can be a good idea to look for sites specific to your business, services, or trade.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Search engines offer sponsored results areas where your ad will be listed according to your authorized bid amount.

Yahoo Pay Per Click Advertising

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